Fulfill Your Calling to Help Others Legally and with Credibility! 

Millions of individuals are seeking a better way to manage their chronic health conditions and they are turning to caring providers just like you as an adjunct to their standard care.

The PMA has been helping practitioners such as those shown below, offer their services for over a decade. If you are currently practicing or plan to offer services, we invite you to find out if PMA license is right for you. 

  • Bible Based Provider
  • Minister
  • Naturopathic Practitioner
  • Emotion/Body Code Practitioner
  • Life Coach
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Yoga Practitioner
  • Hijama Practitioner
  • Holistic Practitioner
  • Mental Health Counselor
  • And, most all other Alternative and Complementary Practices.

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Offering Alternative Therapies
Is A Risky Business

It is no secret that the public is demanding alternatives to conventional medicine, and it is also no secret that state boards are not a fan of these alternatives, making practice a risky business.


Depending On Health Freedom Is Also A Risky Business

Typically, health freedom laws favor the public but do not offer much protection for practitioners, who often find themselves facing charges of practicing medicine without a license.

Health Freedom
Not a Risk Worth Taking.


No Professional Credibility Means Less Business

We hear often that alternative practitioners have difficulty building their practice because they have no professional recognition that will reassure clients. The lack of professional standing is a huge downside to alternative practice.


Lower Your Practice Risk
With PMA License

With PMA license you don't have to depend on health freedom laws and you can sleep better at night knowing you have a legally valid path for your practice.

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and cost today


Have Access to Affordable Professional Legal assistance.

Whether you need help with getting your practice setup, getting help if your services are questioned or any other legal issue, as a PMA licensee assistance is available through one of the nation’s top legal firms specializing in protecting personal freedoms.


Credibility &

When you become PMA licensed, you build trust with potential and existing clients and show them that you take their concerns and your profession very seriously.

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and cost today

Licensing Practitioners for Success

In our  long experience, we have learned that the success of our mission is dependent upon first assuring that like-minded practitioners have a legal and unimpeded path to offer spiritual-based counseling, health and wellness services to their clients. We have found that all practitioners, whether state licensed or not, have the right, the same rights, to offer services under PMA license.

We also know that it takes much more than covering the legal aspect to build a successful practice. As a PMA licensed practitioner you will have free promotion in our professional directory to market your services. You can add articles, videos and much more to bring attention to your practice. In fact you are limited only by your imagination!

You will also have access to a special licensee dashboard where you can keep up with PMA Rules and Policies designed to keep you in practice and out-of trouble, you can communicate with prospective and existing clients through a private message board, send and receive client service agreements and more. Find out today if PMA license is right for you! 


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“I am grateful for the Pastoral Medical Association". PMA gives me and my clients the spiritual confidence to select and share appropriate health information for their individual needs. As a pastoral health practitioner, the PMA allows me to honor the client’s needs first and foremost.  As a holistic educational instructor it allows my students to learn and become certified in holistic modalities that have lasting positive impact on their clients.

With Gratitude,

Dr. Patricka Decker

PMA Licensed Since 2012

Your PMA License

As a PMA licensee you will also . . . .

  • Hold a professional ministerial license issued by the #1 health and wellness ministry in the world.
  • Be qualified to offer ministerial services in all U.S. States and many foreign jurisdictions.
  • Have access to the PMA professionally drafted Client Agreement  that protects you for providing services.
  • Receive a professionally designed wall certificate and license suitable for framing, letting your clients know you have met the high standards of licensing.
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