What is Spiritual Counseling and Wellness

Spiritual Counseling and Associated Wellness Services (SCW) describes an approach founded upon spiritual principles and used by PMA licensed practitioners for improving physical, mental and spiritual wellness of their clients.

SCW is provided in a counselor-counselee private relationship and may include one or all three areas of wellness (physical, mental and spiritual). SCW is not provided in a doctor-patient relationship, is not state-licensed counseling, medical, chiropractic or diet and nutrition services, etc., does not include activities, products or substances that are regulated by governmental agencies, and does not include diagnosing, treating or curing, or attempting to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease or condition, or to intrude upon any govenment licesned or regulated proffession.

PMA Licensed Practitioners that meet established standards, are licensed based on training and education received independantly in the field of ministry or wellness, or more spifically, educational pursuits that would qualify the licensee to address wellness in one or more areas of pysical, mental or spiritual wellness.  Therefore, while services may vary from each licensee, all practitioners are charged with only utilizing approaches that are scripturally sound and targeted to improve one or more of physical, mental or spiritual wellness.