Overview of PMA license Cost

This is a brief overview of what it cost to obtain PMA license. Individual cost depends on several factors and may be more or less than shown. 

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As a general rule, Licensing Cost is;

  • One-Time Application fee ranging from $100 to $300.
  • License fee ranging from $250 to $1200 Annually, depending on the services offered.

Here are two common scenarios:

Note that all PMA licenses are issued for a two year (24 month) term.

1. Pastoral (Spiritual) Counselor only. $100.00 Application Fee plus $250 annual license fee x two years, equals a total fee for the two year term of $600.00. Applicants have a choice of full payment at the time license is issued, or, can choose installment payments. If the $600 is placed on installments, a 20% down payment of $120 would be due in advance with 24 equal monthly payments of $23. This includes a monthly billing fee.

2. Yoga, Reiki, Emotion Code, Naturopath and other Practitioners. $200 application fee plus $400 annual rate equals a two year license cost of $1,000.00. If placed on installments there would be a down payment (can vary based on your circumstances) of $200 and monthly installments of $38.33 for 24 months.

Add physical health services such as nutrition or hands-on services like Hijama and the monthly would average around $51.75. On the other end of the spectrum, practitioners offering functional medicine can run as high as $1200 per year, or about $100 monthly for two year license period.

It is important to us that no practitioner that wants to offer services under PMA license is left out over cost. Let us help you protect your right to practice, find out your exact license cost –


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