Are your patients demanding alternatives?

Unfortunately, many state licenses prohibit the very alternatives that patients today are demanding, and state licensed providers are missing out on a very lucrative and fulfilling market helping individuals get healthy naturally.

There are practically unlimited opportunities for alternative providers to build successful practices and earn a great living by riding the wave of new demand for natural solutions.

The Pastoral Medical Association has been helping practitioners provide these in-demand services for well over a decade and you owe it to yourself and your patients to find out if we can help you.

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Patients Demand Alternatives

The market for alternative providers is booming as more and more families today are demanding a better answer for their chronic conditions. Unfortunately, many state licenses prohibit licensees from offering alternatives.



Outside Your Scope of Practice

Since many state licenses prohibit licensees from offering alternatives, practitioners that give-in to patient demand often find themselves answering board charges. This is usually very expensive and can lead to license suspension or loss!



Not Trained in Alternatives

Alternative therapies are a very small if any part of conventional training and many state licensed providers that want to help their patients with safer options, just don't know where to start. There are many schools, which one is right for you? 


You Can Offer Alternatives 

For over a decade the PMA has been helping state licensed providers legally add alternative services as a separate service. Practice structure is critical for state licensed providers. Let us show you how.


Defense is a Critical Component of Including Alternatives  

PMA Licensed Providers have direct access to legal assistance from one of the nations leaders in defending personal freedoms. Your right to offer alternatives is protected. 


Alternative Training Resources

Conventionally trained practitioners are eligible for "fast-track" alternative medicine training from a PMA preferred partner. Join the PMA team today to gain access to special PMA arranged pricing.

Licensing Practitioners for Success

In our  long experience, we have learned that the success of our mission is dependent upon first assuring that like-minded practitioners have a legal and unimpeded path to offer spiritual-based counseling and health and wellness services to their clients. The right to offer these services under PMA license includes all practitioners, state licensed and non-licensed alternative providers.

We also know that it takes much more than covering the legal aspect to build a successful practice. As a PMA licensed practitioner you will have free promotion in our professional directory to market your services. You can add articles, videos and much more to bring attention to your practice. In fact you are limited only by your imagination!

You will also have access to a special licensee dashboard where you can keep up with PMA Rules and Policies designed to keep you in practice and out-of trouble, you can communicate with prospective and existing clients through a private message board, send and receive client service agreements and more. Find out today if PMA license is right for you! 

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If there are any practitioners from any field of practice looking to expand their practice not only spiritually but from a clinical point of view as well, I would highly recommend becoming involved with the PMA.

Samuel Forlenza Jr D.C.

PMA Licensee


A Distinctly Unique and Credible Professional Opportunity 



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As a PMA licensee you will also . . . .

  • Hold a professional ministerial license issued by the #1 health and wellness ministry in the world.
  • Offer ministerial services in all U.S. States and many foreign jurisdictions.
  • Have access to the PMA professionally drafted Client Agreement that provides protection for providing services.
  • Promote your services FREE in PMA's professional services directory.
  • Receive a professionally designed wall certificate and license suitable for framing, letting your clients know you have met the high standards of for practicing Pastoral Services.