As viewed by the PMA, “Faith Based Counseling” (FBC) focuses on the care of the whole person – mental, physical and spiritual – while maintaining ecclesiastical values. The aim of FBC is to help people regain or maintain a sense of hope for their lives founded upon their own spiritual values.

People who seek FBC are searching for answers relating to life’s challenges and/or looking for meaning and value in their lives, and open to having their lives transformed and supported in a positive way by learning, acknowledging and adhering to scriptural principles.

If you are educated and trained as a faith based counselor and want to promote and provide your services to lay members of PMA’s Health Network, the PMA offers a credible, supportive and safe path for practicing with confidence.

Simply stated, the PMA’s mission is to promote lifelong health and well-being. To these ends, the most fundamental purpose and inherent part of our mission is to (a) restore and protect Pastoral Science & Medicine and its fundamental ecclesiastical safe and natural health principles and practices, (b) assure that biblically-sound spiritually based services are offered professionally and ethically for protection and benefit of the general public, (c) protect and advance the rights of spiritually based practitioners who wish to offer these services, and (d) assure access to such services for all those seeking them.

In this context, Pastoral Science & Medicine embraces the practice of Faith Based Counseling. As a qualified PMA licensee adhering to PMA Scope of Practice and Administrative Rules, you will benefit in being able to offer your FBC services to your clients free of secular governmental control or interference. Plus, you will gain the many additional advantages PMA licensing provides to other health professionals.

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