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The Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) is an established ecclesiastical association developed over a decade and a half ago to restore bible based wellness and counseling services,  to provide a constitutionally sound path for licensing of spiritually oriented practitioners that desire to offer those services, and to connect the millions seeking such services with our licensed providers. 

We now serve a community of hundreds of thousands of individuals and families in all U.S. States, throughout Canada and many other countries who value and prioritize their health, who believe in freedom of choice when it comes to health, and who are seeking natural means for restoring and building good physical, mental and spiritual health.

For Practitioners, the PMA provides four important services 

  • Providing a constitutionally protected path for practice (license), for spiritually-minded professionals who wish to offer natural, ecclesiastical based physical, mental and spiritual health services.
  • Assisting our licensee's to market their services to individuals and families seeking services, through our professional directory.
  • Providing special resources for our licensees to privately interact with clients through a professionally designed private area of our website. 
  • Providing licensee's the security of knowing that should their ecclesiastical services be challenged, affordable assistance is available through one of the nations top legal firms specializing in constitutional freedoms.
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