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Ecclesiastical Member Association

Join the thousands of families that are
taking a pro-active approach to good health!
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Families all over the world are waking up to the fact that conventional me
dicine is sick care and while sick care is a blessing for life threatening disease and emergencies, it is not so great for health improvement or routine and chronic conditions.  For these conventional medicine has only the same antidote to offer that it has for emergencies and that is drugs and surgery. Families are speaking out in a big way, demanding less drugs and more natural alternatives, a better way, a safer and healthier way!

Safe, natural health care is not intended
to replace conventional medicine, it is
simply a better choice for non emergency,
routine and chronic illness!

But there is a problem.  Families that decide to turn to natural alternatives often find it difficult and frustrating to locate proven information or a professional practitioner they are comfortable turning to for their family’s health. There is though an understandable reason that quality natural health is difficult to find.  Government regulatory boards that have a responsibility to protect the public often make it very unpleasant for practitioners that offer non-conventional approaches to health care.  While public protection is certainly a worthy concern, and as well intended as these regulatory authorities may be, unfortunately the rules limit what health care practitioners may say, what services they may offer and what treatment they can prescribe.  When practitioners venture outside these rules they are putting their license and life savings on the line and even risk going to jail.  It also does not matter whether the practitioner is state licensed or an unlicensed natural practitioner they share the same risk to a large degree.

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"I have found that patients react favorably
and seem to be impressed when joining the PMA"

                                                                                                                 E.M. PMA Licensed Provider

If your licensed doctor is hesitant to discuss natural alternatives, or you find your natural health practitioner essentially hiding in the shadows, keeping a low profile with a small client base, now you know why.  Another impediment to finding a professional level of natural services is the fact that practitioners are not typically regulated, which means they are not accountable for their services and this goes even for practitioners in states with health freedom legislation.  While "too much" regulation is bad, no regulation is likely much worse.  From over control to no control!

Fortunately there is a solution to these problemsThe Member Share Network was developed to bring a balance, to address these issues and to provide access to a professional level of natural alternatives for you and your family. Because of the legal structure of the Network, practitioners are protected from regulatory boards that would otherwise restrict them from assisting you, as long as you are a member of the Network as well.  This is the reason PMA licensed practitioners generally only provide services to network members.

Health care practitioners, whether state licensed or not, as well as mental health counselors that seek license to offer services in the Network must pass rigid standards to qualify for PMA license.  The practitioner must meet specific educational standards, must participate in a comprehensive evaluation of his or her credentials and practice as well as pass a detailed background investigation and participate in at least two interview sessions with a PMA license representative. Practitioners spend several hundred dollars in the license application process and their annual license fees can range from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars.  In other words, the PMA license process is more stringent and costly than many state license boards and as you can see, practitioners that succeed through the PMA license process are clearly dedicated practitioners who are very serious about their practice and services to you.  We would have it no other way!

D.PSc. - PSc.D

When seeking natural health services - look for the D.PSc or PSc.D designation
following the practitioners name.  These mean PMA licensed and they also
mean Quality and Professional Standards!

While the Network, not unlike state agencies, cannot guarantee that any provider or the services they provide are right or suitable for any individual, you can rest easy knowing that the Network is populated with verified professionals in all U.S. States, throughout Canada and multiple other Countries and this includes mental health counselors, medical doctors, pastors, chiropractors, natural health professionals, acupuncturist, herbalist, energy medicine professionals and many more.  Practitioners are required to disclose their qualifications to you, only provide services they are qualified to offer and must discuss their proposed plan of helping you and the expected outcome before beginning service to you.  Natural health services are generally not covered by insurance but this is not always the case and your provider will discuss your particular situation with you. 

Joining Member Share allows you to participate with network providers and
besides, it is after all the perfect way to take charge of  your own good health!

A whole new world of safe and effective health care options are available to you through the Network.  Not only will you have access to quality providers, you will also have unlimited access to private “member only” pages of the PMA website that are populated with our private library, educational section on immunizations, specialty products and even self-care education and much more.  If there is not a licensed PMA provider in your community, you will also have access to practitioners that consult on-line or by phone and to complete laboratory testing that can be ordered right in your hometown.

The best part is that JOINING THE NETWORK IS FREE. If for some reason you decide that the Member Share network is not right for your family, you can cancel your membership at any time and that too is free!

If you feel that conventional medicine is right for emergencies and wrong for getting your family healthy and keeping them that way - Reserve your right to choose your own medicine" and have the peace of mind of knowing that you are receiving services from professional providers!

Click here to register on-line as a member, its the fast & easy way


Click here to download and sign the Member Agreement. If you select this option
you can email the "signature page only" to us at or fax to 855-329-7624.

This information is provided for education purposes and is not a solicitation of membership.  Each individual must decide what is right for them and their families and membership is available at no cost to those who seek to share with PMA Member Share Network Providers.


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