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"Our real purpose is to help people get back to health the way God intended"

We are one big family working together to put
the Almighty's messages for good health first!

The idea that was destined to become the Pastoral Medical Association was formed in the 90's and launched in the early 2000's.  Our founding fathers were a group of doctors that wanted to see the Almighty's natural medicine restored to a credible and respected system for the improvement and maintenance of health and for the remediation of routine and chronic illness.  More information about our mission is available in our Constitution. 

Over a decade later, the Pastoral Medical Association is the undisputed world leader in bringing health care practitioners together with families to share scripturally valid natural health concepts.  The PMA's Member Share Network has experienced unprecedented growth with many thousands of members joining annually, attesting to the demand for a gentler approach to our health challenges.

PMA operations are administered by a dedicated team and m
embership consist of ministerial providers, lay and distributor level members in addition to other affiliates.  Provider level members are licensed by the PMA to provide assistance to our members and come from every area of health care, counseling and ministry, and from almost all corners of the world.  Our providers have one thing in common and that is they believe that while conventional medicine has an important place in saving lives, following the life giving instructions of our maker will help us avoid much of the chronic poor health and disease that plagues mankind.  PMA providers are currently serving in all U.S. States, throughout Canada and many other countries. 

As an organized ecclesiastical entity the PMA operates similar to a governmental agency in the respect that ecclesiastical entities have responsibility to self govern. We take the responsibility to assure the peace, health, safety and dignity of our members and the public very seriously.  The PMA is directed by an ecclesiastical overseer and to maintain good order we have three separate divisions.  Those are;

The Administrative DivisionThis is the base of the PMA and the first line of contact with our members and the public. The administrative division is responsible for our provider licensing program, and manages the day to day operations of the Association. 

The Member Share Network is the gathering place where our licensed ministerial providers come together with member families to share in natural concepts for the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of health. 

The Ecclesiastical Court of Justice.  Because ecclesiastical associations are constitutionally autonomous from secular government and are responsible for self regulation, such associations must have an internal mechanism for resolving issues.  The PMA ecclesiastical court was developed in 2009 to meet this responsibility, to maintain the peace, dignity and safety of the association and those within.  The ecclesiastical court and our legal advocacy team is directed by PMA general counsel, Angeli Benjamin, Esq.  The court has multiple responsibilities including resolving member complaints and disputes as well as grievances a member may have concerning assistance they received from our licensed providers.  Additionally, the court legal department provides legal advocacy to members whose constitutional, civil, political or other legal rights are impinged by individuals or agencies outside the PMA.  The PMA legal team is assisted by the outside legal professionals at the National Center for Life and Liberty, led by attorney, David Gibbs. 

The ecclesiastical court holds exclusive jurisdiction over matters within the association.  The only instance whereby secular courts are involved in this jurisdictions ecclesiastical proceedings is when the ecclesiastical court seeks assistance in executing a judgment that necessitates enforcement in secular jurisdiction.  The PMA has a distinctly Christian base and the ecclesiastical court is a Christian court, however, the PMA also believes that it is not our right to decide who God calls to help others, therefore PMA license is open to all faiths and beliefs, and in the event issues come before the court involving individuals of other faiths, where possible a respected member of that faith shall be appointed in an advisory capacity to the court to assure fair and impartial due process for all.


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Working to Assure the  Peace, Dignity and Safety of the PMA family!


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