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 PMA Quality Assurance Team

STS is a Professional Risk Consulting Group with over three (3) decades experience designing security solutions and risk mitigation programs for Corporate, Government, Military and Fortune 500 companies.  The primary focus of STS is research and development of specialized equipment to enhance the safety of law enforcement personnel, and to develop solutions for industry to mitigate risk to companies, personnel and associates.  The Pastoral Medical Association selected STS to join the PMA team in 2012 as part of our commitment to provide the highest level of services possible to our members.

As a private contractor to the PMA, STS assist in assuring that we meet our goal of quality services provided by quality health care practitioners - The PMA will settle for no less than the best for our members!

The PMA mission is to assure that a professional level of safe natural health care is available to our members and fulfillment of that mission begins with assuring that our team consist of respected and capable licensed providers.  In this regard, STS assist the PMA in performing an in-depth assessment of each applicant for PMA license.  This in-depth review includes a criminal background investigation, education verification, complaint history review, practice modalities and service offerings and much more.

All applicants for PMA license must meet specific license standards and must successfully pass oral interviews with the STS team, followed by final review and approval by the PMA administrative review team before license is approved.

The PMA is the world leader in promotion of ecclesiastical based, safe health care and while no entity, including the PMA can guarantee that any particular heath care provider or service is right for any particular member, our members can rest assured that the PMA goes that extra mile to make sure a wide range of safe natural health care options are available from quality health care providers.


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