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Ecclesiastical Member Association

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Three Good Reasons

Why the General Public Joins the
Member Share Network!

Because more and more families are turning to safe natural health and wellness to stay healthy and to address chronic poor health conditions, and they want to be sure their provider is a qualified professional.

Because network members have access to a professional level of natural options, self care education and professional advice and assistance right in their own hometown.

Because members have access to quality providers from every field of health care in all U.S. States, Canada and many other Countries, plus distance consultation!

Health care providers licensed to provide services to Network members are concerned, qualified professionals that take time to listen to members that want safer health care options for their families. We invite you to go here to learn more about Member Share and to join us here!

Want to find Practitioners,
Natural Products or Services?

Go to the PMA Directory

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Three Good Reasons

 Why practitioners join the Member Share Network!

Because they realize that the public is demanding safe, natural health and wellness, and after all, sharing nature's wisdom for good health improves patient results!

Because PMA provider’s license means confidence in a practitioners services, it means Credibility!

Because many thousands of PMA network members are seeking local and distance services, and joining the PMA team and advertising your services in the PMA Directory is a great way to expand your services.

We invite all practitioners to learn more about the benefits of joining the international PMA family.  Click here to learn more about PMA license.  Click here to register as a candidate for license and we will assist you through the process!  

The PMA is the largest private health association of our type in the world with PMA providers serving many thousands of members throughout the U.S., Canada and many other Countries.

If you have a complaint against a
PMA member or associate visit the CRC.

If you believe your religious or other constitutional freedoms are being violated the PMA legal Department may be able to assist.  Contact us and if we cannot offer assistance or guidance, we will refer you to our friends at Liberty Institute.  Liberty has a legislative arm as well as a legal division staffed with full-time Constitutional attorneys experienced in litigation who work to protect religious freedoms and First Amendment rights for individuals, groups and church's.  Visit Liberty.


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