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Ecclesiastical Member Association

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What better way to keep your family healthy and avoid disease than to practice good health and Wellness!


Three Good Reasons

 Why practitioners join the Member Share Network!

Because they realize that the public is demanding safe, natural health and wellness, and after all, sharing nature's wisdom for good health improves patient results!

Because PMA provider’s license means confidence in a practitioners services, it means Credibility!

Because many thousands of PMA network members are seeking local and distance services, and joining the PMA team and advertising your services in the PMA Directory is a great way to expand your services.

We invite all practitioners to learn more about the benefits of joining the international PMA family.  Click here to learn more about PMA license.  Click here to contact a PMA license representative.


Learn about Bionetics from the New Human,
a PMA preferred partner.


If you have a complaint against a
PMA member or associate visit the CRC.

If you are PMA licensed member provider with legal concerns, contact PMA general counsel at

In addition to PMA staff attorneys, we are affiliated with the National Center for Life & Liberty (NCLL), led by attorney David Gibbs III.  The NCLL attorney network stands ready to assist PMA licensees in protecting constitutional freedoms.  NCLL assistance must be initiated through the PMA legal department.


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